Simple Steps to Fix Send or Receive Error in Microsoft Outlook

The Report aims to explain how to mend send or receive the Error in Microsoft Outlook. It will
direct you through the measures which are essential to repair the mistake that arises whenever
you attempt to receive or send mails from Microsoft Outlook.

Though our MS Outlook support a whole lot of purposes but its only aim is to send or receive
mails for communication. The Microsoft Outlook is an electronic mail that are frequently utilized
in the current world in creating an official connection. Likewise, in addition, it faces a number of
problems. In case that something does not operate, Microsoft Outlook will demo a mistake. One
frequently occurring mistake is “receive or Send Error” which disturbs users. Thus, let us talk
about the strategies to troubleshoot send or receive error.

Some common MS Outlook send or receives errors

The various send or receive errors occur mainly because of syncing or any additional issues.
Here’s a listing of a few errors which you might encounter.

  • Outlook receiving error 0x80042108A
  • Microsoft Outlook send receive error 0x800ccc0f
  • Outlook send receive error 0x8004060c
  • Send or receive error 0x80040600
  • Outlook send or receive error 0x8004010f
  • MS Outlook send or receive error 0x80040610
  • No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
  • “A time-out occurred while communicating with the server” error Code 0x800ccc19
  • The server could not be found.
  • “None of the authentication methods supported by this client is supported by your server” error Code 0x800ccc80

Method for troubleshooting send or receive mistakes in Outlook

From time to time, it’s not simple to fix these send or receive errors. But, do not worry. By
moving through the under methods, you are going to have the ability to correct these send or
receive errors. You have to confirm the processing of your Outlook by following each procedure
and move to next procedure if it does not operate correctly.

1. Ensure that your internet connection is properly working-

You have to ensure your internet connection is working perfectly. Sometimes, individuals have
this Trivial problem of internet connectivity and stay stuck-up with errors for hours. To look at
this, go to some site on almost any web browser. If your net Isn’t working, go to procedure
number two.

2. Delete bulk incoming and outgoing emails –

Microsoft Outlook actively detect the suspicious and bulky email messages but it is possible that
some malicious or spam message exist in your mailbox. Open your webmail accounts, delete
the questionable emails and confirm the performance of Outlook prior to proceeding.

3. Review antivirus configurations and disable email scanning Anti-Virus app –

Firewall and Anti-Virus can place restriction to smooth stream of mails. Thus, disable those
settings on your system. You can disable the Anti-Virus integration by following these steps

  • Open the “File” menu, then choose “Options” then select “Add-ins”.
  • Click “Manage” and scroll to “add-in group” and disable anti-virus add-in.
4. Assess Outlook email accounts settings-

Improper setup of email account can lead to errors. So, it’s necessary to configure your Outlook
email accounts correctly. You’re able to take these troubleshooting:

  • Review the email address with which the account is integrated.
  • Check the type of email account among IMAP, POP3 or HTTP.
  • Verify you email id and password.
  • Check the name and address of the email account server: IMAP or HTTP or POP3.
  • Check the email port numbers.
5. Fix Microsoft Outlook program –

Sometimes Outlook installation seems to be corrupt. You have to re-install it. You can also
troubleshoot it but the troubleshoot is only available for Outlook.

To troubleshoot, open the control panel and choose the outlook to troubleshoot. Right-click on it
and choose “Quick Repair or Online Repair” from the options. This will fix the required files and
probably make Outlook functional again.

6. Start Outlook in safe mode-

Safe mode of Outlook version helps the users to detect and fix the problem during a fault start.
To run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode, hold on the CRL key and click on application shortcut.
Click “Yes” to proceed.

7. Fix PST with inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) –

If above methods are not able to resolve the issue of send or receive errors, it might be a faulty
PST file issue. To repair the PST file, one can use Microsoft inbuilt inbox repair tool
(sacnPST.exe). Launch this tool and follow the instructions to repair PST file.


The aforementioned methods are clarified keeping all the Probable problems that Might be
behind the errors in sending or receiving mails. If these Methods aren’t able to fix the send or
receive errors, it may be possible your PST file was badly corrupted. In Cases like this, you
need to use a third-party PST Repair tool. Using a PST fix tool will surely correct the send or
receive mistake.

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How To Resolve Printer Not Responding Problem

How to Resolve Printer not responding problem?

The various Printers manufactured by different companies are available to the customers but one
among the preferable devices among the users is HP Printer. Sometimes, users encounter the situation
when they can’t print anything because their HP Printer isn’t Responding while printing paper. However,
there are certain reasons because of which one confronts this type of problem and its causes gives
solutions to printer is not responding. If you’re non-technical and unable to detect, why your printer
doesn’t respond, then Contact our HP Support team as we are well-educated and immense experienced
in handling such sort of technical issue.

When HP Printer not Responding?

Follow the given instructions in an appropriate manner get the printer not responding problem resolve
in only a second. Keep your eyes on the below-mentioned steps and perform in the same order:

Step 1: Check Your Antivirus and Firewall

Printer not responding message appears because of your antivirus or firewall program. This normally
occurs if you’re using a Wi-Fi or network printer. If there’s an issue with antivirus because of which your
printer won’t print, then it’s recommended you to disable it temporarily and check if that helps.

If that doesn’t help, then you’re required to uninstall your third-party antivirus software. Once you
disable that, check if the issue remains there. If eliminating the antivirus solves the problem, you’ll able
to print the document with no hassle.

Step 2: Check Your Printer Connections

The most common reason to printer not responding error is your network connection. Therefore, check
firstly your printer’s connections with desktop or laptop to check if they’re all correctly plugged in. If the
printer connects via a USB port, try using an alternate USB port for connection. For Wi-Fi printers, you’ll
ought to make sure you connect hp printer to wifi. for instance, the printer might not detect the right

Step 3: Verify Your Printer is correctly Configured

Printer might not respond when you want to print and it’s due to not properly configured printer. So, to
configure your printer follow the given instructions and get your problem fixed.

  • Open control panel first on your Window, then visit Devices and Printers section
  • Locate your printer from the list and a right-click on it
  • Now, choose Printer Properties
  • Go to the Ports tab and confirm that the right Port is selected
  • After ensuring this, click on Apply then OK button
  • After making these small adjustments in settings, print with your printer to see whether hp
  • printer is printing or hp printer not printing.

Talk to Our HP Support with ease

If you not satisfied with the above-mentioned steps in eliminating your HP Printer not Responding
. Call on Our hp printer support phone number and consult with our HP Support team. We are
trustworthy and knowledgeable so this sort of technical hiccups will be terminated.